We are returning in 2024 for the following events:

  • Cars at the Farm, Peterborough. (CANCELLED)
  • Footfest, Sudbury. (7/8th September, Confirmed)
  • Scrumpy Cup, Somerset. (28/29th September, Confirmed)
  • Fully Charged Live South, Farnborough, 11th-13th October. (Unconfirmed)

Racer registration is open now. Please follow the menu at the top of the page.

Past events:

  • Makers Central, NEC Birmingham, 18-19th May 2024. (Confirmed)
  • Electromagnetic Field , Herefordshire, 30th May-2nd June 2024. (Confirmed)
  • Cars at the Farm, [RACING CANCELLED] Huntingdon, 26th August 2023 (Camping 25-28th).
  • Cambridge, 29-30th July 2023 (launch of the Robot Racing Series + normal racing), Roger Needham Building, Cambridge.
  • Fully Charged Live South, Farnborough, 28th-30th April. https://fullycharged.live/
  • Semington (exhibition only), Wiltshire, 7th May
  • FootFest, near Bury St Edmunds. 10-11th June
  • Scrumpy Cup, Somerset. 8th July

‘Competition’ Format
As described in the rules, you need to be part of a registered team in order to race, this is not a public-participation event.
Points will be awarded by moxie (spectator vote) and race finish position, with those with the most points getting medals at the end of the weekend. See the rules for more details

We usually aim to have at least 12 races over a weekend, with hopefully more as battery capacity, charging and weather conditions allow. Fast chargers and spare batteries let you have more fun!

The course may be off road, on grass/dirt, on tarmac or even indoors! It will be marked out by traffic barriers, cones, plastic tote boxes or hay bales, with a separate barrier to separate the crowd form the track. We may also run drag racing, slalom or top speed side events.

There will be a pits area for repairs and battery charging, generally under our own 4.5m event shelters.

There will be a tech check and qualifying before racing to ensure vehicles are safe.