Our next event for 2019 is Maker Central on 11th and 12th May at the NEC (indoor event). More details to follow, see event website for general info: https://www.makerscentral.co.uk/

After that, we’ll be at CCC camp in Zehdenick, Germany, 21-25th August 2019. Main contact point for this event will be @hacky_racers_DE on twitter. The event website is https://events.ccc.de/category/camp/camp-2019/

We’re also in discussions with other event organisers for several potential venues through 2019. We may be at Glasgow Maker Faire and/or Fully Charged Live (Silverstone), both on 8th and 9th June 2019, depending on interest.  We’re also expecting to have another big event at EMF camp at Eastnor for 2020.

‘Competition’ Format
Points will be awarded by Moxie (spectator vote) and Race wins. See rules for more details

We’re aiming to have at least 4 races over a weekend, with hopefully more as battery capacity, charging and weather conditions allow

The course may be off road, on grass/dirt, on tarmac or even indoors! It will be marked out by traffic barriers, cones or hay bales. We may also run drag racing, slalom or top speed side events.

There will be a pits area for repairs and battery charging, hopefully under supplied tents or gazebos, with power supply.
There will be a tech check before racing to ensure vehicles are safe.